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International Life Balance Coach

Coaching is professional advice and takes place in a safe environment. It resurfaces one’s own strengths and exposes them. Furthermore it offers the opportunity for personal growth, to enhance quality of life and to maintain and further ones own mental health. Coaching is vivid contact interaction and process oriented. 


For me Life balance means far more than just a healthy equilibrium between Job and Private life. Life balance for me equates to the ability to remain composed in all situations that life throws  at us and to be self aware as well as aware of others and to be able to responsibly communicate in a soft, clear and direct way to the outside.

Milestones as a piece of world history.
Major milestones and significant events of a lifetime.
In which stage of life do you find yourself right now?

Goal of my coaching concept is to support and accompany you to connect your inner and outer worlds. Right at the venue of your two worlds lies the internal force to feel and act out of it, to make decisions, discover potentials and to live to create your own future with courage out of your own strength and own ideas.

This process is just like a journey on a boat. It starts at your harbor – when you are ready, when you feel safe and confident. With my support we will determine your goals, your milestones leading your way. Where would you like to go? What does it take to reach your goals What resources can you fall onto? Which ones need to be improved?

With joy and ease I shall accompany you and look forward to happily collect common treasures of new experiences with you. How do you see the sunrise? How the sunset? What do you hear, when the water is calm? What about the sound of screeching seagulls? How do you experience a ship smoothly gliding over the water? Or the power of a major storm? How does the ocean smell for you? Can you taste it?

I am more than happy to accompany you in your personal development
to support you in times of change
to promote your self competencies
and open up new rooms for solution with you

My coaching concept bears the heading “A journey to find yourself”with Milestone Coaching – in order to turn possibilities into solutions.
I am
looking forward to meeting you