Face to face Coaching

A journey to find yourself

  • to see, to feel and to perceive you in your diversity with your different proportions.
  • to stay in contact even throughout challenges with you and your fellow men.
  • to define your goals, to recognize your talents and opportunities to achieve your   
  • to discover the visionary within you.
  • to experience and to realize that everything you need is inside of you!

Why me? Because I

  • accompany your change processes in a safe environment .
  • promote your self-competencies through real contact with you.
  • make your personality and your potential visible with ease and joy.
  • authentically open your solution spaces with you.
  • will support you in times of fear of flying, stage fright and tests. 

How to achieve your goals?

  • Personal profile and system analysis
  • Definition of goals and milestones
  • Resource work
  • Change of perspectives
  • Systemic work
  • Awareness exercises
  • Development of strategies
  • Wingwave ® coaching
  • andsoforth

How do we plan our journey together?

  • You determine your travel destination, your travel pace and the stops (milestones).
  • You take responsibility for reaching your goals.
  • I take responsibility for the coaching process.
  • Important to me throughout the coaching process is to work with you at eye level, to give you space and time for talking, feelings and perception.
  • A translater will be present to ensure high quality conversation.

Where does the journey take place?

  • In my office
  • Online
  • In nature