My Milestones

Childhood and Youth

I was born in 1972 in Hamburg to a big family in the laboring classes. I was the sunshine of the family and brought them a lot of  humor and joy. In my youth I learned to appreciate peoples’ inner values.  Since then, I was sure that it was possible to achieve my visions and dreams and to make the impossible possible. So I took courage to authenticate my dreams step by step and got the most out of it with the means available to me.

Education and professional experience as a nurse

It was with my empathy, my openness, my humor and my reliability that I took on my job as a nurse and accompanied the people entrusted to me.  I encouraged them and stood up for their needs.  Working at eye level no matter if professor or cleaning staff was a matter of fact for me and has created many bridges for working together effectively.

Stay abroad in San Francisco

My stay abroad in San Francisco was an extremely life-enhancing trip for me. It was there where I got in touch with different cultures, learned English and tested my own limits. I also met my husband there and spent a year and a half with him in San Francisco

Starting a family in Regensburg, High school graduation and college

My husband and I started a family in Regensburg, had two wonderful sons, accompanied and prepared them for their own lives.  As a rock of the family, it was important to me to perform my role as a wife and mother my own way and pass on my own personal values. With a good sense of humor, gentle and open communication, the search for individual solutions, an open heart and a large portion of love were quite helpful to me. Besides running the family, I was able to fulfill my dream of graduating from high school and to study health and social management. Still maintaining a healthy balance between family tasks and studying, business and analytical thinking as well as scientific work and perseverance, including joy and ease in learning I was able to successfully complete my studies.


My journey to myself – the sky is not the limit

After a vacation trip to the Orient, it was clear to me  that I had to give my life a different direction, to redefine my goals and to take the steering wheel in turbulent flow. You wonder what happened ? For the first time in decades without a family alone in another country, I rediscovered myself and felt how much strength was inside of me.  Due to the change of perspective, I started to act again and focused on further studies and learning the Arabic language. Thereby I discovered my potential and my own development processes were initiated. I did the NLP Practitioner and NLPTrainer in Cuba at the Intaka Caribbean Center. This particularly expressed my adventurousness, my openness, my curiosity and my intercultural competence.

I represent:

  • Loyalty, openness, good sense of humor, joy, structure and lightness
  • direct, clear and smooth communication
  • permanent self-reflection
  • Personal development within the scope of supervision and further training

Primary and further education

  • Registered nurse
  • Health and social manager B.A.
  • Psychological counselor •
  • Systemic coach
  • Wingwave®Coach
  • Supervisor in education